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October 19, 2000

"What are you grinning at?" the Soupster asked the fairhaired friend
emerging from the forest green front door of his house.

"This girl, this kid singer who grew up in Our Town who I heard crooning
at a Blatchley Middle School concert in '97 is hitting it big in the Lower
48," said the friend. "She'll be coming out with a CD in 2001. She's
already got most of the songs for it written and chosen."

"Who is this?" asked the Soupster.

"Halie Loren Smith, she goes by Halie Loren pronounced HayLee LowWrenn," said the Soupster's friend, squinting at a momentary shaft of sunlight.

"Halie's 16 now moved to Oregon from here three years ago lives in
Eugene a junior at South Eugene High. I just got off the phone with her.

"This past summer, Halie was booked every weekend all over the Pacific
Northwest singing at fairs and concerts and in clubs.

At the Oregon Jamboree the biggest country music event in the
Northwest she opened for two wellknown country bands in front of more than 7,000 people. Winona Judd sang at the concert and Lee Ann Rimes was supposed to she got sick, Halie said."

"This next weekend Halie is traveling to Las Vegas to perform and to accept
an award from the Independent Country Artists. She also won three first
place awards from the Austin Songwriters 2000 Bare Bones Contest people in the Country, Singer/Songwriter and Jazz categories.

"But then," said the fairhaired Soupster friend. "You can see all this at
Halie's website www.halieloren.com which also has her biography, the
names of her songs, her performing schedule and lots and lots of pictures
of her."

"And she grew up here," marveled the Soupster.

His friend chuckled. "She said she has pictures of Our Town splashed all
over the walls of her room. And speaking of splashed she asked me to pass
on her greetings to the presentday members of the Baranof Barracudas Swim Club and to the Sitka High Class of 2001. She said to tell them she hopes to come back for a visit soon.

"In fact," the friend continued, "it was in Our Town that Halie first felt
the heady rush of a standing ovation it was at the auditorium on the Mt.
Edgecumbe High School campus in the summer of 1994.

"She was chosen to sing solo at the concert culminating the end of that
year's Sitka Fine Arts Camp. Halie said she had been singing around the
house since she was little and also sang at church, but at Fine Arts Camp
she got to `perform.'

"She never forgot the experience and still mentions it in her bio," said
the Soupster's friend.

"Halie sounds like quite the young gal," the Soupster said, patting the
friend on his back. "When will we get to hear her again?"

"Well, look on Halie's website, where they'll announce the CD's release,"
said the friend. "Halie said she thinks the website will have functioning
audio samples up by next year also."

"All country songs?" asked the Soupster.

"Mostly now," said the friend. "Halie said she also performs a lot of jazz
mixed in and writes jazz songs and is branching into alternative folk. She
is working with professional songwriters and after Las Vegas is to go to
Los Angeles for a session with Bonnie Raitt's pianist and Bruce Hornesby's

"Speaking of drummers," the friend concluded, "If you see Dwina and Brad
Howey, tell them Halie said to say she played a gig with Mel Torme's
drummer. She said they'd get a kick out of that."